American Emerald

Josh Morris


This weekend we took another adventure. We had a rough idea of what we wanted to do. On our list was; go to the American River, jump off some stuff, and find a place to sleep. 

We got to the American River mid afternoon and ended up spending a while there. We traversed down the river jumping in the water at every spot that looked fun. The water was warm and the day was warmer. We ended up at a pretty big jump with some metal hammered into the rock that stated "here we go they say". After an hour or so there we decided it was time to head back up to our cars with no plan for where we would go next.

With no plan we did what any group of teens would do, we got dinner at Frosty's in Auburn, CA and discussed where our next stop would be. About half way through dinner we realized we were pretty close to the Tahoe National Forrest. This meant we weren't far from one of my favorite places. The emerald pools on the Yuba River, an oasis of cliffs to jump off of and swimming holes galore, and better yet a place to camp. On we drove.

As per usual, we stopped every where we got excited about on the way and listened to music as we made our way through towering pines and windy roads. At one stop, we hiked out to a lookout point only to decide that it wasn't high enough on the mountain, so we climbed to the top of some trees next to it. Nestled high above the ground we sat and watched as the sun started to dip behind the mountains of northern California. After a brief climb down we headed to the pools.

When we arrived there were two people singing next to a campfire, for the time, a rare sight to see at the emerald pools. We exchanged few words before our tree tent came up, our stoke combined and within a moment they helped us set up camp. We spent the rest of the night talking about life, singing poorly, eating good food, and swimming. Grateful for such good company we went to bed at around 2:00 am which, for camping, is pretty early. 

When we woke up at 6:00 a.m, our new friends invited us to camp for the next four days, if we hadn't work it wouldn't have been a question, but life is life. We ate breakfast, jumped in the water and took our time driving back. Our last stop was at a water irrigation system that may or may not have stated "no trespassing".... I might've missed it. We climbed on that for a while and took in the beauty around us before deciding it was time to go home. 

It is moments like this that I am inspired most, by people and the love that we share in nature.