Dr. Montgomery

Josh Morris | April 8th, 2018 -- Let me start by mentioning, as lead singer Edan Bowers recommended, acoustic is not Dr. Montgomery’s forte. Which makes this whole thing just that much more amazing, or as Aidan said “beyond f***ing impressive”.

Montgomery identifies with the genre Sludge Rock, a slightly experimental type of Rock, which sounds just right when they perform an electric set. Heavy guitar riffs, a loud drum set, a neat baseline, and echoey vocals would be the norm if you were to listen to either of their full length albums. This made us all the more excited when they agreed to do an acoustic session with us. 

We met up with singer Edan and guitarist Jackson Langford on a beautiful Sunday, drove to a trailhead and took a little walk. As we set up by a creek, the goony-ness of these two became more present, carrying through the entirety of their three unreleased songs. The first, titled Smack, gives you a clear idea of how in sync these two really are as they perform without missing a beat. They follow it up with Waste, a song about dealing with fading love and the pain of break ups. Lastly they performed my personal favorite, Parallel, a soon to be discovered classic. A song that will get your head banging as their rhythmic synchronization takes you over. 

Set List: 
Smack: 00:00 
Waste: 3:55 
Parallel: 6:48 

Dr. Montgomery has two full length albums out now, check ‘em out at: 
Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/dr... 
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7ngZg... 
Bandcamp: https://drmontgomery.bandcamp.com/rel... 

More about the artist: https://www.facebook.com/drmontgomery... 

Filmed by Aidan Rankin-Williams and Josh Morris. 
Produced by Josh Morris
raphic Design by Connor Hicks