F i e l d r e s s 

Josh Morris | January 16th 2019 -- The name F i e l d r e s s comes from a crucial step in hunting, the process of removing the organs from an animal in order to preserve the meat. A somewhat gruesome thought but isn't the idea of facing your demons an eerie thought as well?

Sasha, the woman behind F i e l d r e s s, did exactly that. She left by herself on a trip to a cabin to confront her demons and become comfortable alone. In a single weekend Sasha “pumped out a bunch of songs” and began to find herself, and it’s shows.

In the first song, The Silence, Sasha sings “it’s truly beautiful when you can feel at home in your own silence” over a steady and echoey guitar strum. The words are beautiful, but drawn out in a hypnotic lull that softens the blow of the hard truths hidden within the lyricism inside the songs. A tone that carries across the entirety of the album as Sasha deals with the idea that feelings shouldn’t be pushed aside so you can have someone in your life; by doing so you sacrifice yourself for a false hope of happiness, when the real joy of life is in feeling comfortable alone.

With plans to record more songs and the hopes of finding potential bandmates the future for F i e l d r e s s seems beyond bright. If she can write an album so moving in one weekend I personally can’t wait to see what she can do in a year.

Do yourself a favor and take some time alone to listen to Demos on Bandcamp here: https://fieldress.bandcamp.com/

Set List: The Silence and The Empty: 00:00

Limbo: 05:20

Harmless Stray: 08:12

More about the artist https://www.facebook.com/fieldress/

Filmed and edited by Josh Morris