Josh Morris | January 1st, 2018 -- I was scrolling through Facebook when I stumbled upon a video of a song called This Age performed by Michael Weinstein, who had not yet developed the stage name My Friend Michael. The song stole my attention as his raspy voice sung stories of heartbreak and growing up over the delicate plucking of his guitar strings. Then and there I began searching for more of his music, finding videos of live shows and eventually his bandcamp page, which leads us here; the first in series of live concerts.

Michael’s lyricism matches the carefully constructed chaos of his guitar strings, creating references and metaphors for life and love out of thin air. Opening songs with lyrics like “I have run away from every internet fight that’s been waged in my name” (Folk Song #294), creates a tone of humorous self deprecation, a kind that I can relate too. His heavy strums and brutally honest lyricism reflect on a mutual sadness that we all experience, that of love lost and growing old. His uncanny ability to make a sad song sound happy is what sets him apart from other singer songwriters.

Set List:

Drag Me Home: 00:00

Folk Song #294: 6:22

This Age: 9:56

My Friend Michael released his first EP, If I’m Not Struck by Lightning, late 2017. Consisting of five songs that tell tales of reflection on growing old, past lovers, and the struggles of being a young adult. If I’m Not Struck by Lightning is available on:



More about the artist here:

Credits: Producer: Josh Morris; Audio engineer: Michael Weinstein; Videographers: Thaddeus Hassel, Josh Morris