Mael Sherman | January 29th, 2018 -- Back in Middle school, I can recall a sunny day while I was hanging with a buddy of mine on the sidewalk when this kid came up to us, he lived nearby and seemed to know my friend. Soon after making introductions, he started to beatbox as I spectated in awe then begged him to teach me. And that he did. From that moment on, I thought of Renny Conti as a “cool kid”, but later got to know him as a easygoing and warm hearted guy. He then took off to MSA, a high school program specialising in the arts, where he further excelled and honed in on his interest in music and film production.

Renny has developed a unique style of songwriting with soft echos and deep strums, his music transposes you to a place of familiarity, reminiscent of sneaking into your grandpa's attic to uncover dusty boxes holding memories from a simpler time. His voice echoes through his EP, Missives, carrying clever lyrics along with it. Ones like “I wish I was taller by an inch, and looking down on no one in the end” (Across the Map).

To match the wistful tone of the 21 year old singer songwriter, we brought Renny to an old military bunker in the Marin Headlands. Here he performed a two song set, the first of which featured back up vocals from the wind and wandering tourists, which oddly complimented the music. We watched the sun dip beyond the horizon as he sang us all into a hazy trance.

Advisory: Contains explicit content.

Set List:

Learn to Love: 00:00

Patience: 3:53

Renny Conti’s EP, Missives, is available here:





Producer: Josh Morris | Videographers: Mael Sherman, Peter Schmidt, Josh Morris | Audio Engineer: Josh Morris | Graphic Design: Connor Hicks