Santa Cruzin'

Josh Morris


This weekend we took a two day trip down to Santa Cruz to visit some friends from UC Davis. We grabbed some friends, a couple disposable cameras, some good vibes and hit the road.


The weekend started with a two hour car ride down the coastal Highway One, filled with belly laughs and scenic views. We stopped to check out some rad beaches and mess around at every chance we could.

When we arrived in Santa Cruz we had absolutely no idea where we were. Firmly believing that our energy to adventure was all we need we also decided to come with no no plan... at all. We met up with our friend and decided to wing it. 

We went to the notorious Santa Cruz tree houses that were built in the 80's. The climb wasn't too bad and we made it to the top and took in the view. Couches, chairs, and a swing had been hauled up to the platform using a pulley system. Poems, doodles, and words were painted everywhere, making the climb all the more worth it.  

After the tree houses we decided to go to some caves that we had heard about through mutual friends., again, having no idea how to get there. Thirty minutes later and we were staring down a hole in the ground and a ladder leading into the darkness. We traveled about 200 ft down and around, having absolutely no idea where we were going. Clay sculptures, newts, and pseudoscorpions appeared just often enough to make the stoke levels rise higher. Using our phone flash lights to try to navigate our way through varying sizes and shapes of slippery tunnels, we made it to an open cave where we sat and took in all that we had done before heading back out.

We ended the night with good friends and an empty house. Over all the experience was amazing. The best adventures come from no plans at all. Till next time.