Josh Morris | February 27th, 2018 -- Having known some of the members of TempOra for quite some time, this had been on a bucket list for us for a while now. After months of saying “we should do it” we finally did. We met up on a breezy Sunday afternoon, took a drive and a walk, and were blessed with a performance. The band Tempura consists of four extremely talented young adults who sing tales of love.

Beneath the band members noticeable artistry lies another skill, their ability to communicate through music. This was clear in the second track, a song that was written the night before and had only been played a handful of times. The now named song, Closer, switched the usually dreamy mood to a more a upbeat funky vibe that got me thinking of something, dare I say Anderson .Paak-esque. They closed the show with an adventurous song paired with lyrics like “I hope this moment lasts, cause mountains crumble fast” and an upbeat rhythm that made it hard to not dance along.

It was amazing to welcome our first full band to the series and even better to have had it be Tempura. I look forward to the release of their album and to hearing them play again.

Set List:

Morning: 00:00

Closer: 3:10 Orchard

Moon: 6:24

Special shout out to Myranda Gudino for coming along and helping with everything! You rock our socks off.


Videographers: Myranda Gudino, Ricky Olivares, and Josh Morris | Produced by Josh Morris

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