12 Hours of Teton

Josh Morris



After planning for three months we were finally on the road at 4:00am, ready for a trip of a lifetime. It had started with an 18 hour drive to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to see the Grand Tetons. With a good majority of that time spent driving through California and Nevada we were itching to get out of our seats every chance we could. We stopped in the middle of nowhere in Nevada where a man, who also practiced some pretty odd taxidermy, sold us some grade A fireworks for later on our trip. Our next stop was to fly our drone over the Snake River in Idaho, which promptly got shut down by a concerned citizen. We heard him out and left, eager to get to Wyoming.

We arrived in Jackson Hole at around 9:00pm with no place to stay so we put together our great minds and decided that one night in the cramped CRV parked outside of a Dairy Queen wouldn’t hurt. In retrospect, a campsite would’ve been killer. Regardless, we cracked some brews and tried to talk each other to sleep.

Only a couple hours of rough sleep later we woke up at 4:00am to go watch the sunrise by the mountains because none of us had seen the Grand Tetons. That seemed like the best introduction we could ask for. The sunrise was insane to say the least. Changing with the light, the snow capped peaks went from black and blue to purple and orange so quickly it was almost hard to comprehend. We hopped out of the car into the brisk 30 degree temperatures to snap a couple pictures before returning to the warmth of a heater. 

At around 7:30am we decided it was time to adventure. We started heading back to the Gros Ventre campground where we were planning on getting a place to stay. On the way we saw an antelope just down a dirt road. Joao and Rick had never seen one and we thought that was reason enough to take a detour. After being on the road for two minutes we hit a pothole and our check engine light came on. We immediately turned around, leaving the antelope in the dust. Our search for the mechanic was short seeing as none of them were open for the holiday. Eventually we found a tire shop with a computer that could tell us what was wrong with the car. Turned out it was just a light malfunction and that it would turn off soon. With the bad juju still hanging in the air we decided it would be a good idea to start heading to our next destination at around 9:00am, ending our visit of Jackson Hole at the 12 hour mark.

The stoke was still high from the sunrise and I’m glad we decided to move on; but in my head I can’t help but wish I got to see a little more of that antelope, and maybe the mountains too. I’m not too stressed though, I’m sure we’ll be back soon.